Welcome to Corwith Township

CORWITH TOWNSHIP OFFICE Address: 8170 Mill St., P.O. Box 100, Vanderbilt, MI. 49795 Office Phone number 989.983.2865  

Township meetings are the first Wednesday of the month at 7pm.

Click here to read Corwith Township Board Minutes

Click here to read Vanderbilt-Corwith Fire Board Minutes                                        

Supervisor - Vern Kassuba, e-mail: vjkassuba@hotmail.com;

    Clerk - Debbie Whitman, e-mail: dawhitman@hotmail.com;   

Treasurer - Lori Bush, e-mail: corwithtreas@hotmail.com;  

     Deputy Treasurer - Kelly Bush;       

Trustees - Tom Loshaw;  Pat Coultes.    Assessor - Vern Kassuba                

Deputy Supervisor -  Jill Kassuba;  Deputy Clerk - Bernie Matelski

Hall Administrator -  Vern Kassuba;  Cemetery Administrator - Debbie Whitman


Township Hall

Corwith Township Hall was built in 1971. In the front of the hall are located the township office and the Vanderbilt branch of the Otsego County Library. The remainder of the building is our rental area, which consists of kitchen and bar facilities and a spacious dance floor. The hall is available for rental with a maximum capacity of 300 people. Rates are available for non-profit and the general public. Please contact our Hall Administrator Vern Kassuba for further information and available dates.


Evergreen Hill Cemetery is located on Yuill Rd. The cemetery, which is approximately 27 acres, was acquired in three separate transactions. The original cemetery on the north end was acquired before 1899 and consisted of a little over 2 acres, The earliest head stone is dated 1874.  On March 11,1899 the Corwith Township Board of Health purchased approximately 10 acres. In March of 1944 more land was purchased, which brings the cemetery to it present size. For more information please contact our cemetery administrator Debbie Whitman.



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PH# 989.983.2865 

FAX# 989.983.3978


Waste Transfer Site

The Township has a waste transfer site located on Yuill Rd. This is for Township residents only, where you can get bring your bagged household trash for disposal. This site is open on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm. The cost is $1.50 for up to a 33-gallon trash bag and $3.00 for bags over 33 gallon. We also have an annual clean up day held in May of every year. This allows you to get rid of big items.

             History of               Corwith Township

Corwith Township was established in 1877. Corwith Township is a general law township and consists of approximately 108 sq. miles of land, which is equal to about 69,120 Acres. We have approximately 49 miles of primary roads and approximately 105 miles of secondary roads. Corwith Township is unique in many ways. The Incorporated Village of Vanderbilt sits within our boundaries. Also we have approximately 33,280 acres of state land that is called the Pigeon River Country Forest. There are several miles of rivers and steams that run through our township and we have several bodies of water. These are good for fishing and have camping sites and nature trails available.